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Why Osteopenia Patients Should Use The Whole Body Machine


Osteopenia is a condition where the density of the bones is extremely low.  Mostly women are the ones affected most because they lose their bone mass quickly as compared to men.  To maintains a nice body weight, most women diet.  Most of the women out their health at risk since they eliminate the use of dairy products which are a crucial source of calcium. 


The leading causes of osteopenia are like physical inactivity, poor nutrition, medication and genetic.  The best treatment for the osteopenia is the diet.  Your diet should comprise of fruits and vegetables and add mineral and vitamin supplements.  It is possible to rebuilt your bone density if you are patient and determined enough to have full body exercise.  Everyone is concerned about their health.  If you have a gym equipment it becomes easy to exercise are home without going out of your house. 


There are many types of home gym equipment and that makes it challenging for most people to choose the one that suits them best.  You should consider buying the whole body vibration machine while treating osteopenia as it assists in strengthening the muscles, power and balance of the user.  You can use the machine either standing or sitting.  The user of the whole body vibration machines sets the time they want to use the machine and the frequency of the vibration.  It is best useful to stroke patients and back injuries patients where they can enjoy the exercise. 


Whole body vibration is the best in muscular strengthening where the user needs to apply the isometric exercise.  Those suffering from knee osteoarthritis use vibration machine such as the lunges, dips and squats to strengthen their muscle.  Whole body vibration machine meets special requirements of those with special disabilities that cannot do regular strength training exercise.  One of the main advantage of using the vibration machine is that the user does not strain their cardiovascular  system. 


Most Parkinson patients use whole body vibration machine to add their strength, stability, and flexibility.  Synovial fluid that is released within come few minutes acts as a lubricant to improve on movements.  Stiff joints can now move freely and easily after the release of synovial fluid.  The healing process begins when the oxygen is pumped into the damaged joints.  Whole body vibration training can reduce the chances of osteoporosis in post-menopause women.  Learn more about vibration machine at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whole_body_vibration.


Whole body vibration machine aids in muscle healing.  After working out, you can use the vibration machine to reduce stiffness and soreness.  Vibration exercise helps in cleaning the body toxins by increasing the lymphatic drainage.  You must be an informed buyer before you go buying the whole body vibration machine.  First check the quality of the material used to make the vibration machine.